Thursday, February 23, 2012

X Factor's Rachel Crow Signs Nickelodeon TV Series & Columbia Record Deals

Rachel Crow After Learning She'd Been
 Eliminated From The X Factor
I was real pleased this morning to learn I have yet one more thing I don't need to worry about anymore.

That being The X Factor's Rachel Crow's lack of having her own personal restroom facility.

When Rachel was surprisingly booted from the FOX singing competition Simon Cowell said something like this would not be the last we heard from Rachel Crow.

Rachel got herself a recording deal with Simon Cowell's Syco enterprise. Syco is part of Columbia Records.

Rachel has also signed a TV series deal with the Nickelodeon Channel.

I did not know 14 year old kids could sign contracts.

Rachel will have a role on a new show on Nickelodeon called "Fred: The Show."

Plus, Nickelodeon will be developing a comedy series for Rachel.

I have seen no info as to how much Rachel is being paid via her contracts with Columbia Records and Nickelodeon. I suspect it is not in the $5 million range.

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