Friday, February 10, 2012

Home Alone's Macaulay Culkin Has Gotten Way Too Skinny

In the picture that is Macaulay Culkin looking not too healthy. Apparently there are a lot of people concerned about Macaulay Culkin's sickly, thin appearance.

It has been 22 years since Macaulay Culkin  rose to fame, in 1990, playing Kevin McCallister in the late John Hughes' Home Alone.

Macaulay Culkin  was born August 26, 1980, which makes him, currently, in 2012, in his early 30s.

Is Macaulay Culkin  working on a movie about a Nazi Concentration Camp? Does that explain his gaunt appearance?

Macaulay Culkin actually was a married man for a year or two. He married an actress named Rachel Miner in 1998, while he was still a teenager. The marriage lasted til 2002. After his divorce, Macaulay started up a long assignation with That 70's Show's Mila Kunis that lasted from sometime in 2002 til sometime in 2010.

Macaulay Culkin testified at Michael Jackson's final child molestation trail, testifying that while he had sleepovers in Michael Jackson's bedroom, nothing unseemly occurred. Macaulay Culkin described the allegations against Michael Jackson as "absolutely ridiculous."

Macaulay Culkin seems to have had some substance abuse problems. On September 17, 2004 he was arrested in Oklahoma City for possession of marijuana and two controlled substances, Alprazolam and Clonazepam. Eventually Macaulay plead guilty and plea bargained to three one-year suspended sentences.

It appears there is a lot of concern regarding Macaulay Culkin's current state of extreme thinness. There have been statements made that while he is extremely thin, he is in good health.


Looking at the above photo of Macaulay Culkin I don't think I am looking at a person who is looking like he is in good health.


Anonymous said...

Will There Be A HOME ALONe 5?

Ahahahahahhhh Will
Macaulay Culkin be the
Father Aka Kevin McCallister again
Kevin Takes A Bride

Has 31-year-old Macaulay Culkin flexed his considerable muscle with 20th Century Fox many of whom would open to debate, represented that Culkin star of the 1990 Hit HOME ALONe Will Macaulay be the Father in Home Alone Five, 20th Century Fox said that he came to Fame in the 1990 Holiday hit HOME ALONe Fox hopes the sequel will come out by Christmas 2012, The Film starts filming this fall, will it be another gold mine? Home Alone Five is scheduled to start filming in November, the Director, Chris Columbus, and some of the other cast and crew was already in place. Now, filming has been abruptly delayed for at least nine months, possibly longer, to accommodate Macaulay's schedule. Director Chris Columbus, and the head of Fox, said in an interview that they where casting Macaulay for the Fifth sequel of HOME ALONe Macaulay was given the script nine months before the Director Chris Columbus said, referring to HOME ALONe One. We had a signed contract with him to do HOME ALONe 5 about four months ago. Culkin was the first respond to us about the script." Fox proceeded on the assumption that he didn't want the choice role. Then, Chris Columbus said that Macaulay would “Do It Again.


Macaulay Culkin fan said...

There's only one thing I know about Macaulay Culkin, he's a great DJ.

Anonymous said...

I think his frail look could be adapting to being a dad on home alone 5. I think you get told ahead of time to slim down alot til your skin and bone. Hugh jackmen had to do it for aushwitz movie. I wouldn't worry I bet by mid or early 2013 he'll go back to being a guy who's got weight back on him. Everybody hang tight people alot of the time bounce back. Focus on your goals and who you want to be, and not so much on Mac. Chris McLaughlin.

Anonymous said...

But like all of you. I still watch home alone, and 2. Marv and Harry go through so much abuse from culkin. It is so funny. Funniest part I think is when culkin puts buzz's trantula right on marv's face and marv screams like a chick. That's my opinion. Also it is crazy how it's been over 20years were did time go. I was about 6 or 7 when it came out. I'm almost 28 crazy shit. I'm not a heavy guy either but I'm healthy I'm a little heavier then Mac. Chris McLaughlin.