Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tonight's Dramatic Turn Of Events With Johnny Keyser Back On American Idol

You are looking at a screencap from the final minutes of tonight's, Thursday night, revelation of the remaining Top 24 live show performers on American Idol.

After the final boy pick was picked we heard Ryan Seacrest inform us that "In a dramatic turn of events the judges felt compelled to re-instate another singer into the competition."

We were then shown the just booted David Leathers in the lower right, the tearfully just booted Jermaine Jones in the upper left, the previous night booted cowboy, Richie Law, in the upper right and Johnny Keyser in the lower left.

Last week's Johnny Keyser unexplained booting from American Idol erupted into a firestorm of outrage, with fans indicating this faux pas was a deal breaker. As in done with American Idol.

So, really, what is the deal here? I guess we have to wait til next week, Tuesday, to find out.

I suspect the American Idol producers figured out the Johnny Keyser booting had turned into a big boo boo.

And needed a drastic fixing.

Or maybe a Gallup poll discovered the cowboy, Richie Law, was hugely popular. I strongly suspect that is not the case.

UPDATE: The FOX American Idol website has now added the previously missing Las Vegas group video that included the formerly missing Johnny Keyser.

Keyser's group sings Wake Up Little Suzy At the end of the song we don't see the judges, but we do hear the crowd response not being very demonstrative and we do hear Randy Jackson sounding a bit underwhelmed. .

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