Monday, February 27, 2012

Season 20 of The Amazing Race Bores Down On Weighing Cattle Causing a Clown Elimination

Dave & Cherie were both eliminated from The Amazing Race on Sunday during the Academy Awards Show.

The Amazing Race is not being very amazing so far, for me, early on in Season 20.

Argentina is not being as scenic as previous visits to different locales in Argentina. The Detour that involved assembling a teapot heating solar oven was not interesting.

The 16 hour bus ride to Buenos Aires was not interesting, except for the bus whose rear window inexplicably blew out.

Where this latest episode of The Amazing Race totally lost me was the Roadblock at the world's biggest cattle auction location. Counting cattle, trying to hear the combined total weight of the cattle in the noisy chaos, then dividing the cattle count into the weight to get the average weight, then finding an Argentine cowboy to reject the number several times before handing over the Pitstop clue.

I am very math challenged. I would not have done well with this Roadblock. The Clown husband, Dave, chose to do the math, with fellow Clown, wife Cherie, realizing this was not going to go well, once she realized math was involved, informing viewers that Dave is, like me, math challenged.

Previously, when I blogged about the new season of The Amazing Race I opined it was an improvement due to no stunt casting, ala the previous season when Survivor millionaires, Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca, were the first team eliminated.

Well, I was wrong. Season 20 of The Amazing Race does have some stunt casting in the form of Brendon & Rachel, who, apparently, have been on Big Brother. I do not know if either of this pair won Big Brother. This is not the first time The Amazing Race has had people from Big Brother racing.

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