Saturday, February 18, 2012

Many Viewers Not Happy With The Unexplained Dismissal Of Johnny Keyser

It seems like only a week or two ago we saw Johnny Keyser audition for American Idol, with the judges, particularly Jennifer Lopez, heaping praise on the boy.

Ms. Lopez said something like, "you know you're going to be a superstar, don't you?"

Johnny Keyser got a lot of airtime. The last we actually saw him sing was in Hollywood during the notorious groups when a girl in his group fainted, with Johnny breaking her fall.  And then continuing to sing until Randy Jackson put a stop to it.

Then it was off to Las Vegas where we never heard Johnny Keyser sing again. We did see him enjoying a hot tub, with the editing making it seem as if he was not taking the need to practice too seriously.

And then at the end of the most recent episode of American Idol we got told that Johnny Keyser did not make the cut and was heading home.

Now, after the fuss made after his initial audition, viewers could not help but be curious as to what it is that Johnny Keyser did that got him the boot. And what he had to say when he was told he got the boot. Did Jennifer Lopez tell him she's made a mistake in thinking he'd be a superstar?

That annoying cowboy made it, but Johnny Keyser got cut? Why, after giving this kid so much airtime, did American Idol not show his group performance in Las Vegas, that apparently got him sent home?

I am not the only one who thinks something is hinky with this scenario and that the viewers deserve an explanation, as evidenced by the comments below, gleaned from an article about the episode of American Idol that sent Johnny Keyser home........

Johnny eliminated from Idol?  Something rotten in the state of Denmark!!!!

Johnny Keyser gone? Done with Idol.  Too much drama and too many mediocre singers put through.  Keyser could have won the whole thing and will probably have a contract soon.  Idol did him a favor.  Something was fishy about the whole thing.  Did they think no one would notice??

I've quit watching Idol because of Johnny Keyser being cut.  Rehersal or not, his performance was flawless.  The show is rigged.

The dismissal of Johnny Keyser left me speechless and we didn't even get to observe the performance that supposedly sent him packing.  My interest in this show after that has waned.  I just hope their decision to send him packing frees him to be picked up by powers that propel this kid into cyberspace.  Johnny rocks and there is no denying this kid has the chops.  I just wish they would lay us all on the floor and bring him back like Simon did Melanie Amaro.  It would send the show over the top for me and many other of his fans.  Melanie took the baton and won at the end of Xfactor - Johnny could make our hearts sing the same way. The rest of the talent pales for me.  Sorry - but I'm looking for something that will take this future generation forward like mine did.

I agree with your comments. It is ridiculous. He was one of the best singers I have heard in a long time. The show would be boring to watch from now if it wasn't for Joshua ledet, Heejun (mostly because he is funny), and Lauren Gray. Joshua Ledet has that kind of timbre that sets him apart from even the most gifted singers. The thing I miss from these kind of shows is when you get that artist that makes you go, "I wonder how he would sing this kind of song". American Idol was terrible last year with jack all talent, and this year they are already cutting the best artists. At the end of the day this is about singing.

Johnny was the only reason I was going to watch this season he is the best and has the total package.  I am really disappointed they kicked him off.  He didn't even perform on 50's night Thursday night either.  What is up with that????

Johnny Keyser got screwed.  His group was awful.  One girl was terrible, the other guy forgot the words, and the other girl fainted,...again.  She had been fainting multiple times right up to the performance.  They were about half way through when she was singing her part and she fainted again.  The judges then booted everyone except John.  He sounded great as usual. I did some digging around and found the footage. Had him pegged to win it all.  If I was a producer, I'd sign him right now.

the cowboy makes it and johnny doesn't? if they were going to brutally eliminate johnny like that they should have at least featured it aha he was legit my favorite and I'm watching this and "we say goodbye to ____ and JOHNNY KEYSLER and ___". WHAT!??! :( !

Is there any way to watch Johnny Keyser's performance on AI last night that led to him being cut?  Or footage of anyone talking about it?

EVERY performance from Vegas is available on the American Idol website EXCEPT Johnny's group.  That link is oddly not working...

There is definitely more to that bothered me that they tried to project Johnny and his group as a "slacker" when they showed them in the hot tub.  Since they were part of the Day 2 group - you know they don't rehearse 24/7 and probably had some down time to chill...but instead AI made it sound like he got cocky and didn't prepare.  This is the guy that had there wherewithal to plant himself behind the girl that kept fainting because he knew she might faint again.  So annoying that he was cut and then everyone was left in the dark as to the real reason why....

Johnny Keyser has the best voice I've heard in a long, long time.  WTF?  Why is he gone?  I had him pegged to win the whole thing.

Totally agree with all of this! that cowboy is terrible. Johnny was my favorite from the beginning and they just show a 2 second elimination in a sequence? wtf so messed up.

Personally I think he got a record contract already and left the show.that can be the ONLY explanation of why his exit was so quick and why they never showed Jlo sending him packing with huge tears in her this space,Johnny Keyser will be a star by December.record producers know how he can manipulate runs in songs and probably have the perfect song ready and waiting for him to record……sounds far far fetched?then WTF else could’ve made them send him home? Randy must have been high on food,and it effected his hearing.Jlo probably has Marc anthony on her brain,so she couldn’t concentrate and Tyler must have been his normal high-as-a-kite self otherwise. Or they'll call him back like Anoop and Casey.

It may be that he got picked up by a label and under his contract any new footage of him belongs to his new label.  That would explain the "broken" video.

Your theory just may have some weight to it. Just for curiosity I checked Keyser's facebook page. AI lists him from Pompano Beach, FL but his page says he live in Los Angeles.

Yea. Maybe you're right about the record deal.  I find it strange that as high profile dude that he was that they just cut him loose. I too had him picked for the final 4 or 5 the minute I heard him. Kind of strange. Unless he just totally dropped the ball and spent too much time in the hot tub.

Shocked about Johnny! I thought he was one of the best voices for sure and agree about that stupid cowboy who cant sing at all! My favs are Creighton Fraker, Heejun Han, Reed Grimm, Joshua Ledet, Deandre and Jessica Sachez! Cant wait to see who makes it next week!


Anonymous said...

Was it because he kept singing when teammate passed out? It's a shame...cause he was one of the best singers.

Anonymous said...

With the dismissal of Johnny Keyser I am done with Idol. He was a brillant singer. If he were voted off by the voting of the public, I could undersand, however, why the judges would vote off a superstar is beyond me.
I will watch The Voice, and when X Factor returns I will watch that. Unless the Idol reverse their vote, I am done with Idol.
Bye, Bye Idol.
Maube they need Simon back to keep them in line.

Anonymous said...

I am with some of the people who mentioned above: that he signed with someone the first chance he got, made a deal he could not resist. JLo pinned it right away, that he had the face and the voice of a Super Star. If you have a record contract or get one while being a contestant you get auto kicked... It's in the rules. The broken link sounds like proof enough to me though, due to copy rights perhaps of his performances they had to pull it.