Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Was Not as Boring as Season 4 Was

The final episode of season 4 of The Real Housewives of New York City was a boring end to a boring season, which left me disinclined to blog about it.

The final episode seemed way too contrived. What with LuAnn having an anniversary party to celebrate 1 year of dating her little French boyfriend, Jacque. Could no better reason be found to have a season ending party?

And then the main drama at the party was Ramona possibly being pregnant. 54 year old Ramona possibly being pregnant.

While season 4 really did not deliver entertainment at the level we got to see on season 3, part 1 of the Reunion show delivered some good entertainment.

The blondes on one couch, the brunettes on the other couch. Andy Cohen stuck in the middle. At one point Andy yelled "shut up" at the girls.

Of the brunettes the only one I remotely like is LuAnn. Yes, she is overbearing and insufferable at times. But, in many ways she's the most reasonable of those on the dark side.

Kelly demonstrated, again, how stupid she is. A clip was played of Kelly making rude remarks about Sonya. Kelly did not seem to understand that she had made the remarks. When I was first exposed to Kelly I really found her offputting. Then when it became clear that she is quite dumb and sort of damaged, well, I became sort of sympathetic. And Kelly does deliver some strange entertainment. Like when she has confrontations with Alex.

Alex did not fare too well against the overbearing brunettes at the reunion. I like Alex.

Surely the producers realize what a disaster Cindy Barshop was for the show. She is such an unattractive woman, inside and out. She brings nothing but creepiness to the show. And, apparently she smells bad.

Like the majority of viewers, I can not stand Jill Zarin. One nice thing about season 4 is we did not have to see, or hear, Jill's annoying mother, Gloria.

By the end of season 4 Sonja was back being the fan favorite, after a bumpy start. Ramona and Sonja are pretty much the stars of The Real Housewives of New York City. Which must frustrate Jill very much. Jill is such a bitter, mean-spirited hag.

Anyway, methinks some retooling of RHONY needs to take place if there is to be a season 5. Obviously boot Cindy. And maybe get rid of Jill. I think a lot of viewers would be glad to have Jill off their TV screen.

Now, when do the Atlanta and Beverly Hills Housewives come back to my TV screen?

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