Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Boring Episode of The Real Housewives of New York City With Kelly Having Her First Martini

Whilst watching the latest episode of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York City, waiting for something interesting to happen, I thought to myself that maybe it is time to put this housewife franchise to sleep.

Watching Ramona and Sonja shop for costumes was not interesting. Or funny. Not even the Sonja look-alike drag queen made it funny.

And then getting to watch LuAnn let her daughter, Victoria, drive around a parking lot in some sort of driver's training exercise. Not interesting or funny.

Jill taking a train to daughter Ally's school so Jill could grill Ally about her school courses and goals. Not interesting or funny. Well, Ally telling Jill her goal was to be a newspaper sex advice columnist was slightly amusing. Jill and Ally going clothes shopping was not interesting or funny.

LuAnn and Kelly meeting for cocktails, where we learn Kelly has never had a cocktail and that Kelly has now totally bonded with LuAnn, who Kelly looks to for love-life guidance in the hope that Kelly can find her own short Frog who looks like a David Schwimmer mutant was sort of funny and amusing, due to being just plain, flat out, weird.

Sonja's Burlesque Party was also weird. There were a few interesting or funny moments. Like Sonja's Burlesque act. Jill repeating Sonja's song lines to ultra-creepy Cindy, with Cindy then making rude comments, was sort of funny. Except I have trouble getting past how creepy Cindy is.

Simon and Jill having a "talk" with Bobby sitting nearby, so as to prevent any fisticuffs, was not interesting or funny. The whole Simon mean tweeting and cyber bullying deal is so annoying, what with Jill being the actual mean tweeter and bully.

LuAnn's session with her music producer was painful. As was Jill arriving and quickly asserting her expertise as a song producer. This was not interesting, amusing or funny. It was just pathetic.

However, the video below, a parody of LuAnn's Money Can't Buy You Class song, called Money Will Buy You a Glass, is amusing and funny. Particularly the parts with Ramona turtle timing...

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