Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flipping Out with Sarah Berkman Crying

The girl crying is Sarah Berkman. She is crying because Jeff Lewis is once again telling her she needs to shape up or he will ship her out of Flipping Out.

Sarah Berkman being an incompetent, gum-smacking annoyance has been a plot point on Flipping Out for 2 seasons now.

Jeff sought advice from Jenni Pulos as to what to do with a problem like Sarah. Jenni advised Jeff to basically cut the losses and terminate Sarah before it ends ugly. Even though Sarah just invited Jeff to her wedding.

Jeff did not listen to Jenni's advice. Jeff feels some strange responsibility for Sarah due to Sarah being the sister of the wife of Jeff's brother. I think that is the connection.

At least Sarah has dropped her annoying habit, so far this season, of turning way too many words into diminutives by adding "ie" to the words, as in "sweetsie" or "cutsie" or "drunksie" or many "othersie."

I don't know why Jeff does not just give Sarah a different job. Make her Zoila's Assistant House Manager, have her take over Jett Pink's part of managing the house, plus help Zoila. Jett seems smart and competent. Have Jett do Sarah's assistant job that she's to dumb to do. I think Sarah could handle Jett's job of raking leaves and picking up poop and walking the dogs.

Jeff had one or two good flipping out episodes on the latest episode, with the worst flipping out being directed at Zoila. Zoila has gotten feisty. Eventually Jeff sort of apologized and a truce was reached.

Is Flipping Out being starved for plots? Watching Zoila get breast implants seems a bit much. That happens next week, according to the previews.

When Jeff went to meet with new client, Tommy Shaw and his wife Jeanne, it was pretty funny that Jeff did not know that Tommy Shaw was a  guitarist and singer in the band STYX. And then later Sarah asked Jeff what STYX was.

Tommy Shaw's wife, Jeanne is an amusing, driven piece of work. Seeing Trace horrified at the squalid no-toilet conditions Jeanne was having some of her workers work in, whilst living in the house they were demolitioning, was amusing.

Jeff's boyfriend, business manager, Cage, is supposedly only 26, but this week he seemed, by far, even more than last week, to be the oldest one in the office.

Two episodes down of Season 5 of Flipping Out, and no mention of Casa Vega. One can only assume that things did not end well with Casa Vega.

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Kapper said...

I don't know why Jeff went from Jenni to THIS?? You're right, it must be the connection to Sarah being indirectly related to him. She seems so unprofessional and childish; she's better suited for work at the mall in a kiosk. Several times Jeff has mentioned that he likes 'good-looking' people working for, he blew it with Sarah. Sorry, but lady, lose some weight before you stuff yourself into those jeans and high-heels, you look pathetic.