Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For me the best part of the opening episode of the new season of Hell's Kitchen was the opening credits, with Chef Gordon Ramsay playing a pinball machine with the chefs inside the machine getting battered about by Ramsay's balls.

I think that is what is known as a metaphor.

The show started with a bus ride to the LA's Orpheum Theater where the chefs were sent to hair and makeup, then rushed up on stage, behind the curtain, hearing a loud crowd and an announcer announcing them with the curtain lifting to reveal an empty theater, holding only Gordon Ramsay, who then taunted them for thinking a crowded theater was there to see them.

Then it was on to Hell's Kitchen where the 18 chefs had 45 minutes to wow Ramsay with their best dish.

It was the girls against the boys. The boys won. Which had them going out to lunch with last season's winner, Nona, while the girls cleaned up the kitchen mess.

The only chef name that stuck in my memory, besides the guy who got the boot, was Krupa. And I likely have that spelled wrong. Krupa messed up bad with a sick looking Indian dish. And then redeemed herself several times during the dinner service.

We were not even into the dinner service, just doing prep, when one of the men collapsed and had to be sent to the hospital.

Dinner service was pretty much a total disaster for the men. The blue men's team has several really bad cooking duds, mixed in with some serious personality disorders, which, of course, are a Hell's Kitchen staple. The red women's team also had its share of personality disorders.

In the end it was an older guy, named Steven, I think, who was told to give Ramsay his jacket and leave Hell's Kitchen.

I do not know if I am up for another round of Hell's Kitchen. All that yelling it sort of grating. And so many bad cooks in the kitchen this time, or so it seems.

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CatsPaw said...

I'll end up watching this season, I suppose. I do think we could still have drama without GR being such a cutting creep to the contestants. He often shows a much softer side on the Brit version of Kitchen Nightmares. I find him compelling TV, but frequently find myself wanting to verbally slap HIM around.

But I also could shake some of the chefs. What? Did you recently crawl out from under a rock? Practice your freaking risotto and scallop frying skills before you show up, please! Of course, being yelled at like that would probably lead to me turning to risotto mush or firebombing the damn place.