Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Bachelorette Ashley Scores 2 Out of 3 in the Fantasy Suites

The latest iteration of The Bachelorette is really not delivering the entertainment. But, the ratings are good, with the show being in the Top 10.

Barack Obama interrupted Monday's Fantasy Suite Episode.

Ben Flajnik was first up. I wonder how you pronounce that last name?

Ben & Ashley had fun on a boat. Ashley felt it was like being on a honeymoon as she lathered suntan lotion on Ben. So, Ashley was already in a honeymoon mood well before she handed Ben that corny card that tells Ben if he's feeling it, and Ashley agrees, they can spend the night together in the Fantasy Suite.

Soon we saw Ben carrying Ashley to bed. I do not know why what happens on that bed in the Fantasy Suite is not recorded for our voyeuristic viewing pleasure.

Up next was Ben's twin, Constantine Tzortzis. Again I've no idea how to pronounce that name. If I remember right Constantine's Fantasy Suite date consisted of flying around Fiji. I think a waterfall may have been involved. Then we got to the part where the Fantasy Suite card gets played.

However, even before Constantine was presented with the offer spend the night with Ashley, in connubial bliss, he decided he just was not that in to her and left to return to the states.

I forgot to mention, before Ben had his way with Ashley the mysterious returnee we'd been shown last week in the previews knocked on Ashley's door. It was Ryan. The guy she dumped in Taiwan. Ryan seems way too smarmy to me. He came across as sort of weird. And like he was doing some sort of audition to be the next Bachelor. Ryan made his case, gave Ashley the address of where he was staying. Later Ashley showed up at Ryan's place and rejected him again.

Ryan took it well. I don't like grown men who use the word "gosh" a lot. I don't know why it annoys me.

After the break for Barack it was JP Rosenbaum's chance to impress Ashley with his Fantasy Suite prowess. The previews had made it seem like JP commits some sort of unforgivable error in the Fantasy Suite, or prior to the Fantasy Suite.

The DVR recording stopped before The Bachelorette did, so I saw no previews. Before the recording stopped I did see JP and Ashley make it into the Fantasy Suite where Ashley slipped into something more comfortable, going to commercial as JP crawled on top of her on their Fantasy Suite bed.

Do the potential husbands see each other when not on a date with Ashley, like they do in the other parts of the husband audition process? Did Ben come back from his night in the Fantasy Suite and tell Constantine all the gory details? That'd be a bit of a turnoff. I don't think JP would handle hearing the details of Ben's night of bliss. I suspect the boys do not see each other during the Fantasy Suite of the husband audition process.

Next week is the Men Tell All episode. Those are always boring. Then the following week we get to see Ashley's sister tell her she likes neither of Ashley's potential husbands.

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