Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top Chef All Stars: Mike Isabella Wins Again While Carla Goes Home

Mike Isabella was back being his insufferable self again this week on Top Chef. For a few minutes, last week, he was almost likable, acting normal, instead of being a boorish braggart.

Isabella won last week's Elimination Challenge. And won again this week, putting him in the Final Four, which just seems wrong.

Then again, Isabella seems to finally be performing in a way that matches the bragging.

In the Quickfire Challenge the chefs had to cook against the chef who won their season of Top Chef.

Isabella was up against Michael Voltaggio. No match. I thought. But, Isabella won. Getting either 5 or 10 thousand bucks, I can't remember which.

Tiffany and Richard also beat the chef who one their season.

And then we get to the Elimination Challenge. The finals are in the Bahamas. The chefs were told they were to cook for Bahamian Royalty. None of them knew that the Queen of England is the sovereign reigning over the Bahamas.

So, it came as a shock when they were brought to a sort of Mardis Gras type celebration cooking for the King of Junkanoo.

After doing their prep the chefs were brought to the restaurant where they'd be cooking and met the King. Not long in to the cooking a deep fryer went to flames. The fire department arrived. Chemicals got on the food. They had to start over.

Now that they knew it was not snooty royalty they'd be cooking for Antonia decided to simplify what she was cooking. That ended up not working out so well.

And for some reason Carla decided to deep-fry pork, with some of the pork being served raw, with some of that raw pork going to some of the judges. Which is what sent Carla home.

Richard Blais was in the top with Isabella. Richard sure is one insecure guy for being so good at what he does. He is like the opposite of Isabella.

Isabella, who has now won two Elimination Challenges in a row. And a Quickfire Challenge against one of Top Chef's all time best winners. I expect the insufferablity to amp up next week.

It won't pain me too much if Isabella wins. But, shouldn't he get some sort of penalty for excessively sweating into the food he is cooking? I know I would not want to eat what he cooks and seasons with his own salty sweat.

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