Friday, March 25, 2011

The Judges Save Casey Abrams From Leaving American Idol

Thursday's American Idol Results Show was a strange one.

Casey Abrams and Stefano Langone were the bottom two.

Stefano was not too big a shock, but Casey Abrams being in the bottom was a bit of a surprise.

And then Ryan Seacrest said after a nationwide vote Casey Abrams had the fewest votes and was leaving American Idol.

Unless the judges choose to use their once a season Judges' Save.

Shell-shocked Casey struggled to sing for his life on the show, creakily crooning about 25 seconds of "Don't Need No Doctor" before the judges stopped the singing with Steven Tyler telling Casey, "We made a decision to keep you on."

So, next week 2 will be sent home.

I find the Judges' Save to be a  bit bizarre. First off you have millions of people voting on who they liked. And then the next day those votes are negated.

The premise of the Judges' Save is that somehow a mistake had  been made. Viewers thought someone safe and so did not vote for them. Or someone had an off night.

In past uses of the Judges' Save the person saved did not go on to win American Idol. 

Methinks the Judges' Save needs to be eliminated from American Idol.

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legit spin said...

the way that whole save played out was probably the most dramatic thing i've ever seen on the show -- i'm just glad they used the save on Casey!