Monday, March 14, 2011

The Amazing Race Unfinished Business Is To Be Continued Again In China

That is Mallory of Gary & Mallory being loud on a Yak in China.

The latest episode of The Amazing Race went from Japan to China and, just like the first episode, when the racers reached the Pit Stop, Phil informed them they were still racing.

Margie & Luke were the first to make it to the Pit Stop, winning a fabulous trip from Travelocity, before Phil sent them off still racing. Which Margie was not happy about.

It has been a long day of flying and struggling at the high elevation of Jade Dragon Mountain.

Leaving the Pit Stop teams were told to drive themselves to Narita Airport to take a provided flight to Kunming, China. This meant no airport drama.

Except Kent and Vyxsin missed the flight. When Kent & Vyxsin opened their first clue of the day they declared their theme for the day was "PMA. Positive Mental Attitude."

The PMA did not last too long. First they had trouble finding their car, then trouble opening the trunk, then trouble finding the airport, heading the wrong direction a long distance before Vyxsin thought to look at her compass.

The other teams were far ahead by the time Kent & Vyxsin landed in China. But, they caught up at Jade Dragon Mountain, making it there while Zev was still trying to figure out the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

But, before the Chinese Zodiac task, teams had to ride a yak across an treacherous looking river. Of course, the Cowboys, Cord & Jet, took right to Yak riding. The completed Yak task clue sent teams via gondola up Jade Dragon Mountain.

After completing the Zodiac Roadblock teams had to take a marked bus to Old Town Lijiang to find an ancient prayer wheel for their next clue.

I did not quite understand the prayer wheel. Teams had to write a wish and slip it in a slot that matched their sign, then say what sign they were to get their clue. The Globetrotters had a lot of woe with this, which I was not understanding.

The prayer wheel clue led to a detour involving making candy or carrying a long horn through the streets.

Most teams chose the candy.

The detour clue led to the Pit Stop at something called the Eternal Tower on top of Lion Hill.

Meanwhile, back at the Zodiac Roadblock, Vyxsin finally got it right. Rushing down to the marked bus, heading towards their next destination, Vyxsin realized she'd left her fanny back with all their money and travel documents back in the gondola. Vyxsin screamed at the Chinese driver to turn the bus around, while Kent pointed out that this was not possible.

I forgot to mention this was not Vyxsin's first lost passport incident of the day. An earlier one occurred at the airport where she left it on the ticket desk. Kent threatened to shoot her after that incident.

I also forgot to mention that Ron had a meltdown when he realized they had not gotten on a correctly marked bus. And were going the wrong direction. Much shouting and throwing of rocks ensued, with somehow Ron & Christina managing to get on the Globetrotter's bus.

So, the episode ended with all the teams checking in at the Pit Stop and continuing on, except for Kent & Vyxsin, who had had a real bad day.

The Cowboys came in 2nd, Gary & Mallory 3rd, Ron & Christina 4, Kisha & Jen 5th, Flight Time & Big Easy 6th, Jaime & Cara 7th, with 8th place waiting for Kent & Vyxsin.

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RaceFanForEver said...

It was so disturbing to see the Chinese dad, Ron, yelling at his adult daughter, Christina. She looked like a scared little child who only wanted to please him. She literally jumped off the moving tram to get onto the correct bus. Forget "Tiger Mothers". This was "Tiger Father", full-on rambo. That lady is a prominent lawyer. Very uncomfortable to watch!