Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fast Forwarding Through American Idol & Survivor: Redemption Island

I am finding I am not enjoying American Idol as much as I was before the live shows started. And I've not been able to get hooked on the latest iteration of Survivor.

I don't like the Redemption Island addition to Survivor.

Wednesday night I let the DVR get about an hour of American Idol recorded. American Idol and Survivor air at the same time.

I fast forward through a lot of American Idol. It did not seem to take long before I was caught up with the live broadcast.

So, I switched to Survivor. I do not remember using the fast forward button much, previously, while watching Survivor. But I did last night.

There just are not very many memorable characters on this iteration of Survivor. Russell did not survive. Boston Rob remains. The only other names I remember are the crazy federal agent, Phillip and Matt on Redemption Island.

I did not care who got the boot, so I fast forwarded to the end and then switched back to American Idol.

Part of the problem with American Idol is it is 2 hours long. I believe each singer sings for about a minute and a half. With 11 singers that is 16 and a half minutes of singing in a 2 hour show.

Near as I could tell none of the singers were did poorly, at least judging by the judges' critiques. The judges gave James Lusk a standing ovation. I didn't get that.

The only criticism I heard that sticks in my memory was Jennifer Lopez telling Stefano Langone he needed to work harder at looking at the audience. Or something like that.

It was Motown theme might. I don't remember what Motown song he sang, but I thought Scotty McCreery's countrified version was real good.

I did not care who got kicked off the tribe last night on Survivor and I don't care who gets the boot tonight on American Idol.

But, I will likely keep watching.

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