Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is the Top Chef All Stars Winner Richard Blais or Mike Isabella?

Tonight is the Top Chef All Stars finale, I think, where we learn if it is Richard Blais or Mike Isabella who wins Top Chef All Stars.

I'm okay with either winning. Yes, Mike Isabella has an annoying personality. But, the more exposure I got to that annoying personality, the less I found him annoying.

I was disappointed that Antonia lost the one bite challenge against her new found Isabella cousin and that it was not she, rather than Isabella who was in the final two with Blais.

One thing about Mike Isabella that you can not deny. He has improved on his cooking from when we first met him. And he came prepared to cook Caribbean food in the Bahamas.

I've seldom seen a guy who is so hard on himself as Richard Blais. He is so good at cooking you'd think he'd be real confident about it. Maybe it's the constant self-doubting that makes him so good.

There was a little buzz on the Internet that former Top Chef winner, Hosea, was going to be real happy if Mike Isabella wins, because, supposedly, this would have Isabella replacing Hosea as the most undeserving winner.

Methinks not.

Earlier in the Top Chef All Stars season, when there was speculation that Mike  Isabella wins, I opined that this would be a travesty worse that when that awful Mike "Boogie" Malin person, who was definitely not a Big Brother All Star, won Big Brother All Stars. This was an absurdity so offputting that I've never watched another episode of Big Brother.

That will not be my reaction if Mike Isabella wins Top Chef All Stars tonight. But, I hope Richard Blais wins.

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