Saturday, March 10, 2012

Survivor One World's Colton's Bad Behavior

After watching the latest episode of the current edition of Survivor I was so appalled I felt the instant urge to blog about that which appalled me. That was on Wednesday.

Today is Saturday and I still don't think I can put into words why Wednesday's episode of Survivor: One World so appalled me.

One thing I can say is Wednesday's episode featured some of the ugliest behavior I've ever witnessed on a Reality TV Show, with all that ugliness spewing from a super nasty little Alabama bitch named Colton Cumbie.

Colton Cumbie projects just about every bad gay stereotype known to exist in the civilized world, plus likely some I don't know about from the uncivilized world.

The screencap above captures Colton perfectly. As in he sort of looks like a pink human pig.

Did the people who cast Survivor realize what a super nasty little bitch Colton was when they cast him?

I do have to admit that Colton is making this current edition of Survivor, so far, to be one of the most interesting editions in a long time.

The way Colton has his tribe of all manly men, manly, that is, except for him, terrified of this super nasty little Alabama bitch, is both amusing and part of what is appalling.

It is like watching Nazi Germany in a tiny microcosm. With the Germans afraid to rise up against Colton, I mean, Hitler, lest Hitler target them for elimination.

All the boys are afraid of suggesting to any of the other boys that they target Colton, lest it then causes them to be Colton's new target.

Colton's racist ranting about Bill was probably the most appalling part of Colton's ugliness. It had not even registered with me that Bill was black til Colton started in on Bill's supposed ghetto trashiness. I had been thinking Bill was a surfer dude, not a ghetto dude.

There have been tribes in the past who have thrown an Immunity Challenge because they wanted to get rid of someone. But no tribe, previous to Wednesday, had ever won an Immunity Challenge, and then, with not a lot of talking about it, went along with one tribe member's (Colton's) screwy idea to give the Immunity Idol to the losing tribe.

Of course the girls now think the boys are totally nuts. Because they sort of are.

Colton further manipulated the convolution by having Bill thinking that Leif was the target of Colton's wrath, due to Leif violating the trust of his alliance with Colton, and Colton's party members, when Leif told Bill that Bill was Colton's next target. In the end, everyone, except Bill, voted to kick Bill out of the tribe.

Jeff Probst did a good job of acting surprised when the boys showed up at Tribal Council instead of the expected girls. But, I suspect Probst is kept well informed about what to expect and knew the boys were heading his way.

What Probst likely did not expect was to see Colton bring his super nasty little Alabama bitch routine so out in the open with such over the top character assassinating of Bill.

Is Colton currently able to walk the streets of his Monroeville, Alabama hometown without a team of personal SS bodyguards? I suspect there is pretty much a widespread urge by many viewers to give Colton a very well deserved bitch slap.

Colton more than once has mentioned being a Republican. I suspect both the Republicans and the Gays would like to kick Colton Cumbie out of their respective tribes.

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cd0103 said...

"suspect both the Republicans and the Gays would like to kick Colton Cumbie out of their respective tribes."

This is perfect! He is something else, isn't he?