Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paul Qui Wins Top Chef Texas In Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Top Chef Texas Winner Paul Qui
Paul Qui winning the Top Chef Texas title, beating Sarah Grueneberg was a nice Top Chef finale result.

Paul was a nice guy and Top Chef throughout the competition. Sarah seemed to become a nicer girl and Top Chef competitor as the competition played out week after week.

I found Top Chef Texas entertaining, just like I have all previous Top Chef seasons.

But, I did not like the tendency to skew the challenges to having a Fear Factor element that seemed to have little or nothing to do with being a chef.

Like some of the finale competitions in Canada.

Having to cook in a moving gondola at Whistler in British Columbia was just ridiculous. Paul is a bit of an acrophobe. How does making him cook in a swaying, moving gondola show off his chef skills?

And then following that challenge with an equally absurd challenge where the chefs had to break blocks of ice to release their cooking material.

The final cooking challenge of the finale seemed gimmick free.

Apparently both chefs did real well, turning out good food with few mistakes, working well with their supporting teams of former competitors. Along with one celebrity chef helping Paul, because he picked her dish in the pick your sous chef's dish challenge.

Sarah handled well being hit with the bad luck of liking the dish of that guy who got booted before the cooking really started, booted for bad butchering. I think his name is Trevor. Trevor is what is known as a douchebag. Google it if you are unfamiliar with the term.

Anyway, I've no clue where Top Chef is heading to next. I enjoyed them cooking in Texas.

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