Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Formerly Gentle Giant Jermaine Jones Kicked Off American Idol For His Violent Criminal Record

It looks as if American Idol's Heejun Han did not realize he was in danger when he was playing with Jermaine Jones, who appears to have his fists clenched in a fit of rage.

Apparently Jermaine Jones has some anger management issues.

At some point in time, after Jermaine Jones was inexplicably brought back to American Idol after getting booted, to become contestant #13, American Idol's producers learned that Jermaine had concealed his criminal past.

Jermaine was charged with 2 crimes in 2011, one of which involved violence. And in 2012 there are currently outstanding warrants out for Jermaine Jones.

For some reason American Idol's producers do not want criminals on their show.

On Tuesday, or maybe it was Monday, Jermaine was confronted about his criminal record and told this disqualified him from continuing to sing on American Idol. This confrontation was taped and, supposedly, will be shown on Wednesday's (that is tonight) show.

With Jermaine Jones getting a criminal boot, does this mean no one else gets eliminated from American Idol this week?

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