Monday, March 12, 2012

No More Celebrity Apprentice After Latest Bizarrely Stupid Episode Ends With Firing of Adam Carolla & Michael Andretti

I don't know why I set my DVR to record The Celebrity Apprentice on this latest season. To see if Clay Aiken was amusing? To see if Teresa Giudice was as embarrassing as NeNe Leakes?

I have never made it through a season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

I did watch entire seasons of the original The Apprentice. That was before the show Jumped the Shark with the replacement of George and Carolyn with Don's Spawn, Little Don and Ivanka. And the replacement of real people with supposed celebrities.

Methinks the reports that The Donald is in dire financial straits must be true. And that he and his spawn desperately need The Celebrity Apprentice paychecks. Why else would they be participating in this craptacular crapfest of a train wreck?

This week I made it, via using a lot of the fast forward button, to the part where Trump announces that the women's team won the make-a-presentation-about-a-new Buick task.

Having watched, without the FF button, both team's presentations, the women's was embarrassingly bad, the men's was much more competent and sold the attributes of the car much better than the women.

Trump and his Spawn fixated on the fact that Adam Carrolla, car aficionado, was Project Manager, rather than Michael Andretti, race car driver. On and on Don and the Spawn went about the outrage to humanity caused by the fact that Andretti did not manage the task.

It did not seem to matter that Andretti figured quite prominently in the presentation.

Like I said, at the point where Trump said the women's team won, I stopped watching, stopped the recording, deleted it and deleted The Celebrity Apprentice from my scheduled to be recorded shows.

This was before I found out that Trump fired both Carolla and Andretti. While the embarrassing, super-sensitive whiner incompetent, Lou Ferrigno, remains.

I do not know if it is true, or not, but I read more than one take on what happened after I stopped watching that indicated that Adam Carolla handed that Trump blowhard a well-administered bitch slap. It was clear, to me, that Carolla's reasoning and verbal skills were at a level high above Trump and his Spawn.

If it is true that Carolla administered a good bitch slap to Trump, I wish I'd not deleted it. I would have enjoyed seeing that.

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