Friday, June 17, 2011

The Real Housewives of New York City with Overbearing, Haughty, Delusional LuAnn

In the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City I almost bailed during the first 10 minutes.

We were treated to Alex and Simon doing awkward pre-bedroom workout moves while cutting to another location where Ramona was preparing a lair for Mario by spreading rose petals all over.

Then Simon was laying on the floor with a big package on top of him, which Alex opened to find several really weird, I don't know how to describe it, maybe kinky bedroom costumes?

Which Alex proceeded to model.

While Alex was doing that, Ramona had Mario's shirt off and was lathering him up with some full body lubricant. I think it was when Ramona starting oiling up Mario's feet I started reaching for the off button.

But then we went to commercial.

After the commercial break the bedroom antics were over. At least that is how I choose to remember it.

I was very grateful we were not treated to scenes of LuAnn and boyfriend Jacque's bedroom homecoming. LuAnn's little French boyfriend seems real creepy to me. So, does LuAnn, so I guess they are a good match.

Cindy tried to show her brother and, I think it was an employee, photos of the Morocco trip. When Cindy got to the camel pics she said the camel ride was her favorite part of the trip. The employee then asked why there were no pics of Cindy on a camel. Cindy tried to find one and then realized the dastardly Sonja had been taking the pictures.

We then cut to Sonja who tells us revenge is a dish best served cold. Some revenge, I thought to myself.

Sonja's bankruptcy took up a lot of the talking. All the girls were sensitive, for the most part, except for Jill who conducted a lengthy inquisition into Sonja's finances.

Jill had all the girls together, except for Kelly, who got invited and didn't show, and Ramona who did not get invited, to be a focus group for her new line of what I think were exercise outfits. I'm not sure.

Alex was offput regarding Jill's explanation as to why she did not invite Ramona. Alex then met up with Ramona to tell her about the latest bad Jill behavior.

I'm sure other stuff happened, but it was all mostly boring, so I've forgotten. About 50 minutes in, this latest RHONY episode turned less boring, with LuAnn and Alex meeting in a restaurant to talk.

Only LuAnn does not allow Alex to talk. Alex had several good adjectives to describe LuAnn. The only one I remember is haughty. I don't know if I've ever known anyone like LuAnn. She's such a twisted hypocrite. And seem very ill-mannered for an etiquette expert.

On the Watch What Happens Live that followed RHONY the question was which team are you on? Alex or LuAnn? 75% were on Alex's team.

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