Saturday, June 18, 2011

Floyd Cardoz Wins Top Chef Masters While James Oseland Annoys Viewers

The first two iterations of Top Chef Masters used a format that differed from Top Chef. It was more like a tournament, with each rounds winner determined by the number of "stars" the judges gave the chef.

In the first two iterations of Top Chef Masters I knew who most of the chefs were.

In the season of Top Chef Masters that ended on Wednesday, with Bombay born Floyd Cardoz winning, I had not heard of a single one of the chefs.

So, combined with the fact I knew none of the chefs and the format being changed to being pretty much just like Top Chef it was like watching yet one more season of Top Chef, but with different judges.

I like the judges on Top Chef. I don't like most of the judges on Top Chef Masters.

Particularly James Oseland. This man does not have a television friendly persona. Looking at Survivor Sucks this morning I see I am not alone in my opinion of James Oseland.

Some choice blurbs about James Oseland from Survivor Sucks....

Yeah. Oseland is an insufferable, toady twat.

Oseland is so gross. I kinda hope they keep his little Dave Foley look-alike flunkie around though. He's not so bad when he's muted.

Oseland is sooo creepy, and it seems like he pushes the other judges to vote his way. I also don't like when they use the two young bloggers as judges. They don't seem qualified. A better judging panel would be Ruth and Gael, and maybe that guy with the curly hair from last season and Gail rotating in and out. And please get rid of Curtis and return to the old format. There, show fixed.

It skeeved me out when Oseland was almost bawling, his voice quivering, while talking about Floyd making that dish for him. Cweepy.

If there is a 'villain' on this panel, I would say it was James Oseland.  He was the one that was picking apart Mary Sue's 2nd dish.  Conversely, he was advocating the dish Floyd prepared for him.  In terms, of which chef was most successful in replicating their favorite dish, Mary Sue not only nailed it, she actually exceeded it.  One of the many reasons I didn't want to see Oseland on the judges panel is he is terribly biased and abused his power when they had the old star system.  He had it in for Michael Chiarello and gave him fewer stars and overstarred Rick Bayless' score.

I actually, as you know, gave up on this weeks ago. I don't like the newer format, which is too close to the other TC, but my main thing is I honestly cannot watch James Oseland. I literally feel queasy every time he speaks or even ogles the food. I even gave the finale a shot last night, but had to skip out until the very end. It may be pathetic, but yes he skeeves me that much.

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