Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On The Bachelorette Bentley Breaks Ashley's Heart While Jeff Goes Home After Taking Off His Mask

The Bachelorette is so ridiculous. I am referring both to the show and the current one seeking a husband, Ashley.

Why do Ashley's "dates" so often have to involve dance routines? This time Ben C. was the victim of something called something like a mob dance.

When we cut from the dancing to the boys back home, we hear Bentley plotting to make Ashley cry.

Prior to a big "Group Date" Jeff takes off his Phantom of the Opera mask to reveal that the mask was not really masking all that much. Very weird guy.

Who got even weirder when it was his turn to roast Ashley at the Comedy Club Bachelorette Roast which was the fabulous date Ashley had planned for the group date boys.

Jeff thought it was the height of hilarity to make fun of the size, or, more precisely, lack of size, of Ashley's boobs.

It is very endearing to most women to have their boobs made fun of. Following Jeff's lead, several of the other guys also thought it was a good idea to roast Ashley's boobs.

Then William, who has gone from a goofy, sweet-natured guy to a nutjob, thought this roasting was an opportunity to launch his stand up comedy career. No one must have ever informed William that one must be funny to have a career in comedy.

William actually said, "They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. I thought I signed up to be with Emily or Chantal."

Ashley was driven to tears by the roasting. So, who comforted her? Another guy who wished the Bachelorette had been Emily, that being the dastardly Bentley.

Bentley comforted Ashley by saying, "Your body, your face is beautiful, you're the best dancer in the world, but you do have small boobs."

Ryan P. got the Sacred Rose on the Roasting Date, I guess for being the least offensive.

Then, back at the Bachelor Pad, Bentley informs the boys that he can not be away from his daughter any longer, but tells the viewers that he's played everyone, that he didn't find Ashley the least bit attractive, and that he knew he'd never all in love with her.

The last time we saw a bachelor go to the Bachelorette's house is was a long walk on crutches, by that season's guy who was there for the wrong reason. I can't remember his name, but I think the duped one was Ali.

Somehow Bentley shows up at Ashley's pad without having to walk there. He laments about having to make Ashley cry, but seems more concerned that his hair looks OK.

Bentley tells Ashley he is leaving. Using the daughter excuse. Ashley reveals she's fallen for Bentley, that he was the one she saw being with at the end. Ashley ends up in bed, alone, sobbing, not knowing if she can continue, when the only guy she had any feelings for has left.

Now, this seems so ridiculous. Ashley had been warned about Bentley by Michelle Money. I don't think she went on one of the all important One on One dates with Bentley. Ashley had known Bentley for all of 2 weeks. Maybe less.

It all seems so fake and scripted. Like the outtakes after the Sacred Rose Ceremony where we see the now un-masked Jeff sitting on the toilet while Bentley stands next to him looking at himself in the mirror and talking. Maybe Jeff still had the mask on at that point. Regardless, it was weird and creepy, fake and phony.

As for the Sacred Rose Ceremony. Ashley had to send 2 boys home. The unmasked Jeff and Chris D. did not get a rose. But, the now creepy William got the last rose of the night and said, "I'm sorry" as the broken-hearted Ashley gave him the rose.

Rumors on the Interwebs are that Bentley returns. The Bachelorette needs new writers.

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