Sunday, November 8, 2009

Survivor Samoa's Erik Cardona's Possibly R-Rated Video

That is Erik Cardona, the most recent tribe evictee on Survivor, kicked out in what many think was the biggest, best, most amusing blindside in Survivor history, in the picture, with an unidentified female.

In his Survivor bio Erik brags about being a womanizer, enjoying juggling 4 or 5 women at once. His only no-no is married women. But getting a girl who has a boyfriend, that's just fun sport for Erik.

Erik's Survivor bio says he is a bartender in the Los Angeles zone. Maybe he is. But he also writes video scripts and acts in them. That is Erik starring in the 1st episode of a video called Twenty Something.

The video starts with a shot of a women in bed and Erik passed out on the floor. I did not make it all the way through the video, but I saw enough of it to see that it is sort of a documentary of Erik's womanizing.

I liked Erik while he was on Survivor. He provided some great TV. But, I really think Survivor needs to stop casting wannabe models and actors, or in Internet TV Speak, mactors.

Survivor cast with ordinary real people, like Shambo, might be surprisingly amusing. I don't think the first Survivor had any mactors. But it had great characters that made the show a hit. People like Rudy Boesch, Sue Hawk, Colleen Haskell, Greg Buis & Richard Hatch.

You can watch the YouTube version of Erik's video below. Be forewarned, if this were a rated movie the rating would likely be R, for language and maybe the flash of Erik's bare butt. Having said that, I just realized that YouTube did not make me confirm I was 18 before I was allowed to view the video, so PG-13 might be a more accurate rating....

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