Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Tardy Party Reunion

The first season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Bravo had to add an extra hour due to way too much good footage of good fighting.

The second season Bravo also added a second reunion hour. Why? I do not know.

Host Andy Cohen tried real hard to get the housewives yelling at each other. Rehashing this season's fights, showing footage of bad behavior and wig pullings.

But the girls just sat there making nice. Kim got grilled about her source of income. Sheree got asked about her out of control narcissism. NeNe got asked about her bad moments. Kandi got asked about AJ. I don't remember what Lisa got asked about. Lisa is a bit boring to me. Oh, I remember, Andy asked her about her Closet Freak clothing line. He also asked Sheree about her She for Sheree line. Of course, both are doing fabulous.

In the first reunion hour Kim told us she'd broken up with Big Poppa, due to him not getting a divorce. We learned that the pair pretty much live together. Andy asks the others if they've met Big Poppa. They all had. Andy said he wanted to meet Big Poppa. Cut to commercial.

Back from commercial we learn that Andy has now met Big Poppa and watched Kim lip locking with the man she said she'd broken up with. Apparently Big Poppa showed up because he knew how stressful these reunion shows are for Kim.

Kim claims her wig line is going fine. Her Tardy for the Party song is a smash hit. That she has cut back on extravagant spending. That she supports herself. That if she had to, she'd work as a waitress or nurse. We never did get a real answer to where her money comes from. After Kim described her relationship with Big Poppa, Sheree suggested that to her understanding what Kim described is the job description of a mistress.

But, nothing could get these girls into fight mode. It was like they all realized how embarrassing last year's reunion show was and so they decided to pretend to make nice. For the reunion. They didn't make nice all that much while the cameras were rolling on their somewhat real lives.

Kim sang Tardy for the Party, with back up singers and with Kandi. This made the reunion show even weirder. The other housewives seemed to look on in pain as Kim sang and danced. At the end Kandi sang a solo, dedicated to AJ. I like Kandi, she grew on me episode by episode, but I'm not a fan of her type music.

Had I known there were going to be no catfights, I would not have watched.

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