Thursday, September 26, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water With Redemption Island Not Off To A Good Start

My DVR remembers to auto-record a dozen or more shows that I have previously set  to record. Like when a new season of The Amazing Race, American Horror Story, Top Chef or Dancing with the Stars starts up, the show gets recorded.

Except for Survivor.

Is my DVR trying to tell me something? Like maybe it is time to quit watching Survivor?

On Wednesday when I saw a promo for Survivor I realized Survivor had started up again, so I checked to see if the DVR was scheduled to record it. It was not. So I set the DVR to record Survivor with me thinking the September 25 episode was the season premiere of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

Last night when I fired up the TV for my nightly pre-sleep brain numbing I hit the play button on Survivor. I was sitting there thinking what an odd beginning, thinking Jeff Probst was telling me what had already happened, prior to starting up the new season. I was a couple minutes into this before I realized I was watching a re-cap and that the new season must have premiered the previous Wednesday and I was watching a re-cap of that episode.

I probably should not be admitting to these type confusions.

I do not like the Blood vs. Water premise. Once again half the people on the show have already been on Survivor. Did Rupert really need to be on again? Having asked that I will say it was sort of satisfying to see Rupert be the first one cast off the island.

I only remembered about half of the returnees, with most of those who I remembered not being anyone I really wanted to see again. Like the annoying gay bully boy, Colton.

And why Redemption Island again? Do the Survivor producers not check in on what the viewers think about their various twists?

Last night I made it through the Immunity Challenge and then went in to fast forward mode. I had not been hooked in to caring which of the returnee's wife, husband, mother, brother, uncle, niece, girlfriend, sister, cousin, father, aunt or grandma got the boot to Redemption Island.

Is Survivor never going to have a return to its original format of casting all new people? How many times has Rupert played the game now? Three? Four?

I think Survivor may be near the end of its long run. I suspect this season will see a big drop in the ratings. I may be one of those who contribute to the drop....

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