Thursday, October 3, 2013

Colton Cumbie & Me Quit Survivor

Well, I am done with Survivor for now.

Ever since Survivor started bringing back people who'd previously been on the show, be it in an all star type deal or some fans vs. favorites type deal or some other type returning person deal I have not liked it.

I won't watch Survivor again unless it returns to its original format of casting people who have not been on Survivor before.

I did not like the current Blood vs. Water idea at all, not when I first heard of it, and liked it even less when I viewed the reality.

And then, in the latest episode, it being my final time of watching Survivor, unless Survivor reforms itself, creepy drama king, Colton Cumbie, had a crying fit and quit, saying he did not like his tribe, along with other boo hoo hoo blather.

Jeff Probst was visibly quite annoyed at Colton, calling him selfish and revealing that Colton had faked his appendicitis attack when he quit on Survivor One World.

Which had me thinking why did the Survivor producers think it a good idea to have this guy back on the island? Did they not know that the vast majority of viewers found Colton to be real bad television?

I have not seen the Nielsen ratings since Survivor started up again. I'd be surprised if Survivor is still in the Top 20.

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