Monday, September 23, 2013

Why Was There No In Memoriam Larry Hagman Tribute During The 65th Emmy Awards Telecast?

I made it through a few minutes past the 90 minute mark of Sunday's 65th Annual Emmy Awards telecast.

I usually find Neil Patrick Harris to be amusing when he is in host mode. But, last night, not so much. The middle of the show, at the 90 minute mark dance production number's finish, is when I hit the TV off button.

I did not know til this morning that Larry Hagman did not get a featured "In Memoriam" tribute.  I saw the Jean Stapleton, Jonathon Winters and Cory Monteith tributes.

Even before learning of the Larry Hagman snub/flub I was sort of appalled that Cory Monteith was featured, what with him being on TV a very short time, as in his big break came in only 2009, in Glee. Cory Monteith did not have a long, storied career. He was an addict who died from an alcohol/heroin overdose.

Meanwhile, Larry Hagman was a TV giant. One of TV's all time most popular stars. Larry Hagman was already well known and well like after 5 seasons with his first hit, I Dream of Jeannie. Followed, about a decade later, with one of the most popular, worldwide, TV shows of all time.


Larry Hagman's character on Dallas, J.R. Ewing, may be the most well know fictional TV character of all time.

Dallas was the #1 show in America for years. Dallas was the #1 show worldwide for much of its run.

The "Who Shot J.R.?" Dallas episode got one of the highest ratings of all time.

And then, in this century, Larry Hagman came back to TV, on TNT, in a well-received re-boot of Dallas, where both Larry Hagman and J.R. Ewing died in the re-booted Dallas second season, which was in this year's Emmy season.

And yet no mention made of Larry Hagman at Sunday night's Emmy telecast.


Larry Hagman should have been nominated for an Emmy this year. In addition to an "In Memoriam" tribute.

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Watching the Emmy's on repeat now 'cuz I missed it earlier! I love Kaley Cuoco's gown!