Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top Chef Seattle Premieres Wednesday November 7

Yesterday I learned that Season 10 of Bravo TV's Top Chef is going to be Top Chef Seattle. Season 9 was Top Chef Texas.

Top Chef Seattle premieres Wednesday, November 7 at 10/9C.

When Top Chef Texas came to the Dallas/Fort Worth zone, that being my current place of residence, it was interesting to see how Top Chef represented an area with which I am somewhat familiar.

Like when the Top Chefs were told to drive to Southfork the route there seemed to somehow go south by Fair Park in Dallas, then quickly many miles to the north, to Southfork, with no indication a distance had been traveled.

I'm fairly familiar with Las Vegas. When Top Chef has been in Las Vegas the area covered seems quite compact, except for side trips to cook out in the desert. Or at Grand Canyon.

Now, Top Chef Seattle, this is going to take place in a town with which I am very familiar, so that should make it interesting.

I suspect a lot of seafood will be featured in the cooking.

I assume the Top Chefs will be doing the majority of their cooking somewhere in downtown Seattle. Top Chef seems to always use Whole Foods. There is a Whole Foods in Seattle. But, it is north of the University of Washington. Not a quick drive from downtown Seattle.

Methinks a lot of the Top Chef shopping may be taking place in Pike Place Market. Then again, that might be difficult, what with Pike Place usually being very crowded with tourists. Maybe some of the food shopping will take place at Uwajimaya, a sprawling Asian market in Seattle's International District, with the best mall-like food court I have ever experienced.

I am guessing Top Chef Seattle was filmed this summer. Seattle had a long streak of rain-free days this summer. Top Chef Seattle may wreak havoc with the Lesser Seattle people who prefer to portray Seattle as always being soggy from rain.

My DVR is already set to record Top Chef Seattle.

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