Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Real Housewives of Miami Premieres Thursday September 13 with Mama Elsa

Several of the Bravo TV Real Housewives shows are among my guilty pleasures of Reality TV viewing. I watch the girls from Beverly Hills, Atlanta and, currently New York City.

I have never watched the girls from the OC, New Jersey, Miami or D.C.  I have heard that there will be a Dallas Housewives franchise. I'll probably watch that one, since they'll be neighbors of mine.

The Housewives from New York City have been entertaining the last couple episodes, what with the epic meltdown of Aviva Drescher in St. Barths. In two weeks this woman managed to go from being a fan favorite, who viewers were admiring, into Jill Zarin evil monster territory, who viewers are despising. This is quite an accomplishment, seldom accomplished in Reality TV World.

On Thursday, Season 2  of The Real Housewives of Miami starts up. That's Thursday, September 13, 9/8C.

I don't remember Season 1 of RHOM. But, I've been seeing the promos for Season 2 whilst watching RHONY.

The Miami franchise has 2 of my favorite things. Latinas and Miami. Young, beautiful Latinas in one of the world's most beautiful towns.

The RHOM promos have also shown clips of a character called Mama Elsa, who apparently feels good once she starts drinking.

Mama Elsa reminds of a better looking version of a former acquaintance of mine whose nickname is Fubbo the Gut.

I think I may give The Real Housewives of Miami a look. I'll quit looking if Mama Elsa scares me too much.

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