Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sam Bacile Muhammad Movie - Innocence of Muslim

This morning I got around to watching the YouTube video that supposedly is the cause of some Muslims being upset, again, at America and attacking American embassies and other American entities, like Kentucky Fried Chicken, around the globe.


I can see how this really dumb video might make someone mad.

If someone also was really dumb.

One of the comments on YouTube sort of succinctly summed up the issue....

"The film is so amateurish and absurd that it does not deserve the attention is it getting. Instead it appears to be a ploy to distract the world from the real reason behind the violence in Egypt, Libya, and other Islamic countries and India. The attacks were so well planned and coordinated that it was definitely intended to seek vengeance on the US and Western countries for the killing of Osama. The "Arab Spring" countries that did not want to be seen as abettors blamed the film."

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