Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Real Housewives of New York City's Aviva Drescher is one of the Worst Train Wrecks in Reality TV History

That self described Barbie doll Pinata you are looking at on the left is Aviva Drescher. Aviva Drescher is one of the housewives on Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City. Aviva Drescher is one of the new housewives, replacing old housewives like Kelly Bensimon and Jill Zarin.

Aviva Drescher has been fascinating to watch. I do not recollect watching a worse train wreck anywhere else on Reality TV.

In the latest 4 episodes Aviva Drescher has managed to do what it took Jill Zarin several seasons to do, that being have the fans totally turn on her because of what a vile, selfish, mean-spirited, rude, foul-tempered, self-centered, spoiled neurotic human being she turned out to be, after initial very positive viewer reaction.

The first paragraph of Aviva's Bravo bio....

Aviva Drescher is the first and only New York City born and bred "Housewife" in the history of the show. At 5'10" with brains to match her beauty, this part-time socialite and full-time mother will let nothing hold her back. When Aviva was just six years-old, she was in a tragic farm accident, which resulted in the amputation of her left leg. Aviva has never let this tragedy define who she is.

The reality we have seen, as this season of RHONY has unfolded, is that Aviva makes her childhood accident, and the resultant limb loss, the focus of attention, in various ways, almost constantly.

A couple weeks ago, after Aviva saw, via comments to her Bravo blog, that the viewers were disgusted with her irrational behavior upon arrival at St. Barths, and during her short stay there, a short stay where Aviva managed to ruin what had been a fun vacation for the other housewives, Aviva blogged a sort of modified mea culpa, short of apologizing or actually recognizing that she realized it was her behavior, no one elses, which had created all the problems.

And now, after Monday night's latest episode, an episode where Aviva is her most demented yet, scolding Ramona, in a restaurant, with a delusional, nonsensical, insane sounding, bullying rant, Aviva, in her latest blog post, titled Sheer Brutality, has now gone on the offensive (in both meanings of that word) against Ramona in a totally irrational, wrong-headed rant that has already riled freshly riled viewers.

I saw Aviva's latest post shortly after she posted it. Within a very short time there were already dozens of comments, virtually all of them totally critical of Aviva. Last week Aviva's The Human Pinata blog post generated 596 comments. I've never seen such a reaction to any of the various Bravo TV show's blogs.

Next Monday is the final episode of this latest season of RHONY, followed by the reunion shows. Will Aviva wise up by then and present a believable mea culpa? Or will she be in Kelly Bensimon mode and do no behavior owning, and instead just reinforce the negative image she has already projected?

The majority of viewers making comments in various venues are pretty much begging Bravo to remove Aviva from the Real Housewives of New York City.

That is not my reaction.

I find watching a train wreck who is totally clueless about what a mess she is, to be very interesting. And sort of instructive. I have known an Aviva type, or two, in my life. Sonja's choice was mine in that type situation, as in dump the toxic person as soon as the toxicity became apparent.

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