Monday, October 3, 2011

Ethan & Jenna First Eliminated From The Amazing Race After Short Changing Orphans

Reading what fans were saying on the Interwebs I know I was not alone in not liking that Survivor winners Ethan Zohn and Ethan's girl friend, Jenna Morasca, were on Season 19 of The Amazing Race.

Ethan & Jenna have been on Survivor twice, and both had won the million dollar prize.

I'm sure a lot of viewers were pleased to see Ethan & Jenna eliminated from The Amazing Race, on Episode 2, somewhere in Indonesia, after failing to hand over all their money to kids in an orphanage.

Which was sort of ironic due to Ethan's apparent penchant for doing charity work, saying something like, "Charity is what I'm all about."

This was the first double elimination in Amazing Race history. The double elimination also eliminated Ron Zeitz & Bill Smith, domestic partners, who, apparently, had traveled a lot, but who did not fare so well on The Amazing Race.

The older couple, Bill & Cathi Alden, who did not fare too well in the first episode, coming in real late in last place, fared much better in Episode 2. The team knocked out their Speed Bump penalty and made it to the Pit Stop ahead of Ethan & Jenna and Ron & Bill.

I wonder if the elimination of Ethan & Jenna will cure CBS of crossover stunt casting? When Ethan & Jenna were revealed as racers on Season 19 a lot of people verbalized the hope they'd be eliminated first. Sort of ironic that that is what ended up happening.

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