Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Has Stunt Casting Cast Survivor & The Amazing Race Out of the Nielsen Rating's Top 20?

For the second week in a row neither Survivor or The Amazing Race are in the Top 20 of the Nielsen Ratings.

With The Amazing Race winning the Emmy, again, for Best Reality TV Program, I would have thought the show would not have a viewer drop-off.

Were viewers annoyed at the stunt casting of Survivor millionaires, Ethan Zohn and his girl friend, Jenna Morasca?

I know I was not pleased with that particular piece of stunt casting. But then Ethan & Jenna became the first racers eliminated, which was a good thing.

I think Survivor's problem might also be stunt casting. That and the Redemption Island gimmick.

Bringing back "Coach"  and Ozzy for a third time is a real big turn-off to a lot of viewers, according to what I've read on various forums.

And then you add the stunt casting of Brandon Hantz, simply because his uncle is Russell Hantz, when the nephew obviously has some serious mental health issues. Well, this is not a lot of people's idea of good train wreck TV.

Brandon's creepy fixation on the evils of temptation in the form of scantily clad female fellow tribemates is beyond a little disturbing. Brandon's bizarre breakdown at last week's Tribal Council and all the other instances of him verbalizing the idea that he is redeeming the family name after the damage Russell did, well, this just makes no sense.

Russell's first time on Survivor won him "Fan Favorite" and $100,000. Most viewers found Russell highly amusing, particularly on his first season. Russell remained amusing, for the most part, on Heroes vs. Villains. And then when he returned a third time, on the first iteration of Redemption Island, he was not on the island long enough to wear out his welcome.

I am considering not watching Survivor South Pacific tonight.

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