Thursday, February 14, 2013

Watching The Virgin Bachelor Sean Lowe's Cruel Thoughtless Behavior

It always sort of embarrasses me to admit I watch ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Watching, for me, would not be possible without the Fast Forward function on the DVR. Hitting FF helps speed through the Sacred Rose Ceremony and a lot of the other fluff, while watching drunken drama and psycho nutcases, like this season's amusing villainess, who calls herself Tierra.

Tierra got the boot this week, on St. Croix, after she had just one too many crying breakdowns.

The Bachelor this time is an ultra white blond guy named Sean Lowe. Sean got rejected by Emily Maynard on the last season of The Bachelorette.

Sean did not get rejected by Emily due to performing badly in the Fantasy Suite portion of the hunt for a husband. Due to not wanting her little girl seeing mommy bringing three different guys into her all night Fantasy Suite lair, Emily told her 3 final potential husbands it was a no go.

Which must have been a HUGE relief for Sean, because this week we learned, via US Weekly, that Sean is saving his Fantasy Suite fantasies til he has a ring on his finger. Apparently Sean did way too much Fantasy Suiting when he was in college, so when he got out of college he re-virginated himself with a good Christian cleansing, vowing to save himself from any pre-marital un-virginating behavior.

Which should make the Fantasy Suite portion of the current wife audition process interesting. We have not seen Sean have a conversation with any of his potential lifelong bedmates regarding his need to have a ring on her finger tod make the candidate a wife before he fulfills her fantasy.

We have seen the preview where, at the end of the season, Sean is standing on the Sacred Proposal Pedestal, when a rejection note is delivered. That note, according to rumor, comes from Lindsay, saying she can not go through with getting proposed to.

Was this caused by Lindsay being disappointed at not getting to take Sean for a test run in the Fantasy Suite?

Supposedly, after being rejected by Lindsay, Sean does not propose to his #2 choice, Catherine, but instead proposes that they date after the show. Catherine is the potential wife who blurts out strange tragedies, like telling Sean she saw a girl killed by a falling tree when she was 12, which led her to decide, right then, she wanted a husband and a lot of babies. This week Catherine informed Sean that on the Extremely Important Hometown Dates Sean would not be meeting her dad, because her dad tried to kill himself in front of Catherine and so he got sent to an asylum in China. I think I heard that right.

I started off liking Sean, he seemed like a nice kid from Texas. But the more I've seen of Sean the more he seems like a bit of a meathead. With a sadistic streak.

First the meathead part.

For example, at the end of each episode, after the credits, an outtake is shown. This week it was Sean telling one of his potential wives that when he was a kid his dad caught him peeing into his desk. Then there was the outtake that showed Sean being a macho man in various venues in Canada, and then being totally inept with an ax. My favorite was the outtake with the Iraqi, Selma, in the Joshua Tree National Monument zone, where Sean was trying to drive a jeep. But he keep killing the engine, over and over again. At about kill #20 Sean blurted out "son of a bitch", which marked the first borderline profanity we've heard from him. At some point after start try #30 Selma kindly suggested that he might want to take off the parking brake. Ooops. Sean begged Selma not to tell anyone about his humiliating ineptitude.

And now Sean's sadistic streak.

The dates on these shows are often ridiculous, with the datees doing stuff that no sane people ever do on a first date, like bungee jumping off bridges, rappelling down skyscrapers, cliff climbing.

The show's producers design the ridiculous dates, with The Bachelor or Bachelorette getting to have input.

For instance, Sean could have said I am not going to have a one-armed girl, Sarah, climb down the outside of a skyscraper. Instead, in addition to skyscraping, Sean had one-armed Sarah roller derbying, boat rowing, jumping in the freezing water of Lake Louise in Banff. And then suddenly sending Sarah home, after she Polar Bear Plunged, because he knew he was not going to put a ring on her finger and he wanted to spare her the pain of waiting in Canadian scenic splendor for the Sacred Rose Ceremony, where she would not get a Sacred Rose.

However, at that Sacred Canadian Rose Ceremony, Sean sent the Iraqi, Selma, and Daniella, home, not sparing them the false hope, while enjoying scenic splendor. And before he gave Selma the boot Sean kissed Selma on TV, even though Selma had told Sean that her strict Muslim relatives would be very upset, so Sean sent Selma home with a kiss that might, minimally, at least, get her a verbal stoning.

Sean could say no, I am not going to have the girls canoe across Lake Louise and then put on their bikinis for a dip into glacial melt, barely above freezing, water. Sean could say, no, I am not going to scare a girl by rappelling down a cliff. Or with the frightened Iraqi, Sean could have said, no I am not going to have her climb up a cliff, she is scared of heights.

And then this week, Sean broke into the girl's sleeping quarters, waking the three he was taking on a date, with a camera in their faces, because he wanted to see what they looked like without makeup, then giving them 5 minutes to get ready and depart. If I was Sean I would have told the producers I am not going to do this, and if I was one of those 3 potential wives I would have told Sean to bug off.

Some quotes about Sean, and The Bachelor, from various TV forums....

This show is horrible, but so fun to watch.

Thing is, if Sean really wants a buddy to do extreme sports with, I agree that he'd be better to just get a guy friend for that--much of what he is putting these women through is downright cruel and thoughtless.

I used to like him, but seeing how ridiculously dense he is about possibly causing real harm to these girls makes me wonder...

Yeah, between being re-virginated and seeming to enjoy scaring his potential wives, in various ways, I don't think Sean is grown up enough to have himself a wife yet.

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