Monday, February 25, 2013

Seth MacFarlane Did A Good Job Hosting The Oscars

Before watching Sunday night's Oscar Show I figured Seth MacFarlane was going to be a host dud on the James Franco, Anne Hathaway, David Letterman level of dud-ness.

I figured wrong.

I thought Seth MacFarlane was the best host the Academy Awards Show has had in a long long time.

I have read some reviews where the reviewers have opined that Seth MacFarlane was sexist, racist, tasteless and irreverent.

Irreverent? That's a complaint? This is the guy who created Family Guy. Wouldn't it be irreverent if he weren't irreverent?

I think the sexist complaint had to do with the rather over the top song and dance number about all the actresses who have bared their boobs. The Bare Boobs number was part of the rather long opening to the show. Captain Kirk had showed up from the future to help MacFarlane fine tune his hosting to improve the reviews from worst host ever, to something better. Which led to a Family Guy type segue to the Bare Boobs number, among other segues.

The only example, I read, of supposed MacFarlane racism, was MacFarlane wondering if Daniel Day Lewis, who said he stayed in his Lincoln character 24/7, whilst filming, felt compelled to free Don Cheadle, and I assume, other blacks, upon seeing them.

This really was not all that funny. But racist? I don't think so.

Before the Oscar show, besides Family Guy and the movie, Ted, being products of Seth MacFarlane's imagination, I knew nothing about him. After enjoying him being the host of the Academy Awards Show, I am now a Seth MacFarlane fan.

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Anonymous said...

I have only two minor complaints about Seth McFarland. His fake Mr. Announcer Guy voice annoys me and he seems to like the terrible actor, Wil Wheaton who I dislike.

He should have had Bill Shatner slapping Wheaton around or something.

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