Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Malcolm Is My Only Favorite On Survivor: Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites

The premiere of Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites was the lowest rated Survivor premiere since Survivor became a CBS hit.

I did not watch the Survivor premiere when it premiered. My DVR forgot it was supposed to record it. And I did not know that Survivor was starting up again, last Wednesday, February 13, 8/9C.

I have since watched the first half hour of the Survivor Caramoan premiere, via U-Verse On-Demand. I was stopped half way though by a strong wind which knocked out my power and Survivor. I'll likely watch the rest of the premiere later today.

I'd blogged previously about being non-plussed about the people who were returning as "Favorites" to this iteration of Survivor.

Seeing the "Favorites" really made it seem odd that the majority of them were being designated as "Favorites."

Many of the "Favorites" I do not remember.

It strikes me as odd, what with so many people being Survivor, fans that so many people are given a second, or third chance, rather than always going with new people.

Francesca Hogi is one of the "Favorites" who I remember. Even though she was the first to get the boot on Survivor: Redemption Island. How could she be a "Favorite" if she was on the show for such a short time?

I remember Francesca due to her disdain for fellow "Favorite" Phillip Sheppard. How can Phillip Sheppard be a "Favorite?"

Some of the "Favorites" I have no memory of. Like Brenda Lowe, Corinne Kaplan and Andrea Boehlke.

Which means of the female "Favorites" I only remember the aforementioned Francesca and Dawn Meehan. Dawn Meehan was on Survivor: South Pacific. I remember her, but she sure was no "Favorite."

Of the male "Favorites" the oddest one, to me, is Russell Hantz's nephew, Brandon. How can this guy be a "Favorite??

I sort of get Erik Reichenback being a "Favorite" due to his very memorable boot after giving away his Immunity Idol. I also get John Cochran being a "Favorite" due to he being a very memorable nerd.

Of all the "Favorites" Survivor: Phillipines' Malcolm Freberg seems to me to be one who actually likely is a "Favorite" with the fans of Survivor.

However, the "Fans" on Survivor: Caromoan likely did not view Survivor: Philippines due to the time lapse between filming and airing, so they likely have no clue about Malcolm.

By the end of Survivor: Philippines Malcolm had gotten very noticeably skinny. By the time he arrived at Survivor: Caromoan Malcolm appeared to have added some weight. He likely started pigging out as soon as he learned he was going to be stranded on an island again.

Malcolm is pretty much my only favorite of all the "Favorites." So, I guess I'm rooting for Malcolm to win the million on his second try. But, I am also guessing that is likely not going to happen...

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