Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tarzan Final Man Kicked Out of the One World Women's Tribe on Survivor

64 year old Dr. Gregory L. Smith, also known as Tarzan, on Wednesday, ceased being the last man standing on Survivor, sent to the jury by the coven of women who remain.

I think I missed the moment on Survivor where we learned why Tarzan was so nicknamed. I know it can not be due to his Johnny Weismuller like body and physical prowess.

For me this Survivor One World season has been the worst iteration of Survivor yet.

With the dumbest players ever, with the men having the  lead on dumb players. So dumb they were talked into giving up an immunity, to the women, due to the machinations of the annoying twerp named Colton.

Colton at least provided someone easy to dislike, with being a little amusing thrown in, til he succumbed to intestinal woes.

In a Survivor season short on moments of amusement, the blindside and teary exit of cat-eyed Kat, last week, was entertaining, sort of.

Survivor One World comes to its merciful end this coming Sunday. Two hours followed by the one hour reunion where the winner is named. I will fast forward to the jury grilling the final Survivors part. That might provide some amusement due to the clueless dumbness of those doing the questioning.

On Thursday night's first appearance by Kat on the jury she provided a hint of the amusement she might provide when the jury holds court, on Sunday, when she mouthed "bitches" in reaction to something one of the surviving women said.

Methinks the producers of Survivor need to do some re-tooling about how they cast who is on the show. Knock off the twists, find interesting people, then starve them for 39 days like old school Survivor, where we watched the Survivors shrink from lack of food.

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