Thursday, May 10, 2012

American Idol Limps Towards The Finale With Too Many Standing Ovations

I could not watch American Idol without the benefit of a DVR fast forward button.

Last night, after listening to Phillip Phillips, I hit the FF button and quickly zipped past Hollie Cavanaugh, realizing I'd zipped past her singing when I saw the judges doing their critique thing.

I did not rewind.

I liked the duet with PP and Joshua Ledet, singing Maroon Five, with PP being Adam Levine instead of his usual Dave Matthews.

The duet with Jessica Sanchez and Hollie quickly had me hitting the FF button.

I really think the standing ovations by the judges are getting ridiculous and meaningless. It's the law of supply and demand. When you have an excess supply (too many standing ovations) you decrease their value.

I don't understand the praise from the judges, along with standing ovations, heaped upon Joshua and Jessica. I am not a fan of the hollering style of singing. Or over emoting. Or both. For me Joshua and Jessica have pretty much zero popstar type charisma, with that lack growing more and more apparent as the weeks have passed.

Meanwhile, Phillip Phillips, who gets no standing ovations, seems to have a sufficient supply of charisma and I find him easy to listen to sing.

As for that little blonde Texas British pixie, Hollie, it seemed the judges through her under the bus last night. Which likely had those who vote for this thing voting like crazy for Hollie.

But, if there was a place to bet, I'd bet it was Jessica getting the boot tonight, not Hollie.

And let's talk about Randy Jackson. He is sort of a likable guy. With an extremely limited jive vocabulary. Can he not think of a more updated word to use than "dude". Dude, it makes you sound so dumb to say dude over and over again. You know what I'm saying? You feel what I'm saying, don't you Ryan?

I think PP has a lock on winning this thing. But, once again, just like the recently completed Amazing Race and the soon to be completed Survivor, I really don't care who wins.

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Anonymous said...

In my meaningless opinion being a singer/musician today isn't going to put food on the table. There are just too many amazing singers/musical acts. Go to Santa Monica Pier or Hollywood Blvd and you will see lots of highly talented singers and musicians with a bucket in front of them.

Things change. The Hollywood/recording industry are no longer the gatekeepers of musical success. Shows like American idol with their Hollywood picked "judging panel" exude the "fact" that you, as a musician/singer need to impress these people to "make it". You don't. That idea is old hat. So what there is the occasional lottery winner.

There are just too many singers/musicians. It makes me sad to think these people are over talented - yet are essentially hinging their hopes on a "Hollywood lottery ticket".

The best bet is self promotion and private investors to fund the bands marking. You don't need Hollywood middlemen. If people like you they will pay for your material. I have several MP3 albums from amazing popular bands. All through the internet. Not a single one was on American Idol. Blanket flyers. Play local. Get on Pandora. Use click adverts. Encrypt your albums to protect your copyright. Think outside the box. Sell sell sell.

But honestly, seeing so many of these highly talented people has made me realize there are just too many for it to be meaningful anymore.

It's the law of supply and demand.