Wednesday, May 16, 2012

After Derek & Maria Got The Boot Maks & Me Want To Know The Full Dancing With The Stars Voting Results

Hot Couple Derek Hough & Maria Menounos
I thought, watching Tuesday night's Dancing with the Stars Results show, that the dancing pair that had a lock on not getting the boot was Derek Hough and Maria Menounos, due to their perfect scores from the judges, and the fact that, to me, the pair are just so darn likable.

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas were informed early in the show that they would not be getting the boot. I find Katherine Jenkins really cute and likable. Mark Ballas I do not find cute and likable.

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas did not get perfect scores from the judges on Monday's show. Katherine had a fall. Maybe she got sympathy votes.

Which brings up something that has bugged me ever since I started watching Dancing with the Stars.

The voting.

Tom Bergeron says something like 'Combining the judges' scores with the public vote I can tell you right now what couple is in jeopardy."

We are never told what the public vote is that got the couple in jeopardy.

How did Derek & Maria go from being in 1st place on Monday's show, with Mark & Katherine in last place, to Derek & Maria getting the boot? It would seem that Mark & Katherine would have had to come in first with the public vote and Derek & Maria last, for this outcome to occur.

Makes no sense to me.

Makes no sense to Maks either.

In an article in TV Guide titled Dancing's Maks: I Hope There Are "Major Discussions" in the Off-Season Mr. Maksim Chmerkovskiy gets a lot of pent up Dancing with the Stars frustration of his chest, with the below blurb being one example...

We're dancers and professionals and we're proud of ourselves, but we all want to know what we're a part of. I would like to know the ins and outs of a show I'm putting my blood, sweat and tears into. I want to know why the judges have lost consistency and how many votes we got. How much did Kirstie and I lose by? How much did Mel and I lose by? We dancers will all pull together to get on the same page with the producers. We're all going into a season blindfolded and it's frustrating when you're in the middle of an exhausting and demanding season.

So, the professional dancers don't get told the voting details that got them the boot?

I would like to have how the judges' scores are combined with the public score to arrive at the bootee, and have it explained in a coherent way that makes sense to a math challenged person like myself.

As for Maks and continuing to dance on Dancing with the Stars. I find Maks to be very amusing. I am surprised that a TV sit-com producer has not seen the comedic possibilities of Maks on his own sit-com.

As for the romance between Derek and Maria.

Derek is 26. Maria is 33.

Does this make Maria a cougar in this relationship? In the picture above the couple seems to be enjoying some pool time and adult beverages. An empty Bud Light appears to be on the ground next to Derek. I can't tell what type cocktail Maria is holding.

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