Monday, May 14, 2012

Britney Spears Is Only Making $15 Million For One Season Of X Factor

Yesterday I heard on the radio that Britney Spears would be a judge on the second season of X Factor.

And that her one year deal with X Factor would pay her $15 million.

$15 million!

Something is way out of whack if someone like Britney Spears gets paid $15 million for something like being a judge on X Factor.

I thought Britney Spears had pretty much totally tarnished her image with all her embarrassments, starting, for me, with her awfully embarrassing awful reality TV show called Chaotic.

I believe it was on this Chaotic show that those who watched came to realize that Britney Spears is what is commonly called trailer trash.

A term I think it really rude.

I know some nice people who live in double-wides. But, I get what is meant by the term "trailer trash." And that Britney Spears could be the poster girl for that term.

Well, Britney Spears may be trailer trash, but she is very wealthy trailer trash.

The other new judge on X Factor is someone named Demi Lovato, about whom I knew nothing. I don't know how much Ms. Lovato is being paid. Or if she also is trailer trash. Apparently she is known for having played the character of Angela on Barney & Friends, and starring roles in something called the Camp Rock movies. She also has recorded some record albums, none of which I've heard of.

I really did not care for X Factor at all in its initial incarnation. I think I will likely like version 2 even less.

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