Thursday, April 26, 2012

Queen Makes For a Royally Long Two Hours of American Idol

That is Ryan Seacrest and his latest girlfriend, Julianne Hough, in the picture. I don't know if this picture was taken before or after the loving couple's discussion about Julianne's infatuation with Phillip Phillips, that was revealed on last night's American Idol.

After PP finished singing his second song of the very very long evening, Seacrest told PP that his girlfriend saw PP backstage and sighed, blushed and gushed "Yummy!"

The cameras then cut to Ms. Hough who looked very sheepish trying to dodge the camera.

Later PP assured Seacrest that he was not trying to steal his girl.

Wednesday's April 25 episode of American Idol was an odd one in addition to learning that Ryan Seacrest has a girlfriend who thinks Phillip Phillips is yummy.

It started off odd with the remaining 6 singers singing a laborious "mash-up" of Queen tunes with the remaining 2 bandmates from Queen.

Then the 6 each sang a Queen song on their own.

That was followed by each singing a song of their choice. Elise Testone and the aforementioned Phillip Phillips were the only ones to get anything amounting to judge criticism, both due to their choice of song. Though Randy Jackson liked PP's take on a Dave Matthews song I'd never heard before.

Jennifer Lopez let it be known, whilst she was verbalizing her dislike for PP's song choice, that she hoped it did not stop him from winning, which apparently she thinks he is on the fast track to do.

I do too. PP for the win. And likely Elise getting the boot tonight.

I did not get the standing ovation love for Joshua Ledet last night. Having said that, I must admit I am tone deaf.

And, one more thing, I thought the canned bits of the kids dissing on each other was amusing at times.

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