Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CBS Sports Delays Make For Late Viewing Of The Amazing Race

That is Dave throwing a hatchet at a moving target, in Tanzania, in Africa, on Sunday's episode of The Amazing Race.

I tried to watch The Amazing Race on Sunday. I'd made myself a bowl of nachos and let the DVR get a half hour ahead, turned on the TV and found that, yet again, a sporting event had messed with the Sunday TV schedule on CBS.

I have my DVR set to record for 2 hours past the scheduled end of The Amazing Race, due to the frequency of the Sunday CBS sports delays.

The Africa scenery was beautiful this episode, as was how enthusiastically the racers embraced the scenery and people. Bopper told us that his great-grandpa had come from Africa, a slave, he thought maybe from the part of Africa he was now in.

Vanessa and Rachel did some good catfighting in one of the airports on their way to Tanzania. Vanessa got in some rather mean personal insults.

The insufferably cocky, Art & J.J., outed pseudo school teachers, Nary & Jamie, as Federal Agents. That was amusing.

The Detour Task of jumping up and down for a minute seemed to be one of the most difficult in Amazing Race history. Whoever thought that one up should get a big raise.

Dave & Rachel proved, once again, that bickering and nagging, a lot, helps you come in first at the Pit Stop.

The Pit Stop clue task of assembling a campsite seemed a bit unfair and put the remaining all girl team of Federal Agents, Nary & Jamie, at a disadvantage.

This had Nary & Jamie coming in last, but getting a reprieve, due to it being a non-elimination leg.

The next week's previews let us know there will be a Double U-Turn.

I do not like the U-Turns. It appears that the Big Brother team, Brendon & Rachel, get U-Turned, and judging by how betrayed they were acting, Art & J.J. also get U-Turned.

At the start of this 20th iteration of The Amazing Race I opined it was nice not to have any stunt casting, like Season 19's two Survivor winners, Ethan & Jenna. At that point in time I had no idea Brendon & Rachel were Big Brother veterans, with Rachel having won the half million dollar Big Brother prize.

Methinks The Amazing Race needs to stop with the stunt casting of people who have been on other CBS Reality TV Shows.

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