Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dave & Connnor O'Leary Win The Amazing Race All-Stars

That is Dave & Connor O'leary "Currently in 3rd Place" in the screen cap on the left.

However that "Currently" word is very outdated because this screen cap was from the first time Dave & Connor were on The Amazing Race, a couple seasons ago, knocked early out of the race due to Dave tearing his Achilles tendon.

When the cast of The Amazing Race All-Stars was announced I was perplexed as to why some where "All-Stars". Among those who perplexed me were Dave & Connor.

Why were John & Jessica All-Stars I wondered? Remembered for being eliminated when they had an Express Pass. I did not much remember the country singers, Jennifer & Jessica.

I can see where a case could be made that Natalie & Nadiya, Leo & Jamal, Flight Time & Big Easy, Joey & Meghan, Brendan & Rachel, Margie & Luke and Jet & Cord were All-Stars. Or memorable. Or both.

But this was twice now The Cowboys and Margie & Luke have been on an All-Star edition.

So, it is just a bit ironic that those country singers I didn't remember came in second, while Dave & Connor, won The Amazing Race All-Stars, with what seemed to me to be the best finish to The Amazing Race ever.

No taxi cab race to the end. No boring memory test at the end. Several cool tasks in Las Vegas and then one final Roadblock, parachuting to the finish line, with Connor and either Jennifer or Jessica (I can't remember which country singer parachuted) waiting to see who landed first to win the million bucks.

By the finale, well actually for several episodes, leading to the finale, I've been thinking that Dave & Connor had become worthy All-Stars, as had Jennifer & Jessica. While Brendan & Rachel, who came in 3rd, remained as annoying as the first time were on The Amazing Race.

All in all, a very satisfying, entertaining edition of The Amazing Race. But, please, let's lay the All-Star thing to rest and stay with The Amazing Race old school, with racers we have not met before, and who have not won some other CBS Reality TV Show....

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