Monday, May 5, 2014

An Afghanimal U-Turn Eliminates The Cowboys From Amazing Race All-Stars

I am not a fan of The Amazing Race when it goes into All-Star mode. The latest Amazing Race All-Stars really only had a couple of memorable teams from seasons past.

With one of those memorable teams, actual Amazing Race All-Stars, the Cowboys, Jet & Cord McCoy.

The Cowboys have now run The Amazing Race three times. Their initial season, followed by a previous All-Stars race, followed by the current All-Stars race, where the Cowboys got eliminated on the latest episode, eliminated by the Afghanimals, Leo & Jamal, U-Turning them.

If I remember right the Cowboys got eliminated on their previous race by being U-Turned.

I really do not like The Amazing Race U-Turn gimmick.

I also do not like The Amazing Race All-Stars gimmick.

I'm not a fan of any Reality TV Show in All-Star mode. I never have watched another episode of Big Brother after repugnant, creepy Mike Boogie won Big Brother All-Stars, with the only reason Boogie was on Big Brother All-Stars being because actual Big Brother All-Star, Will Kirby, insisted the non-All-Star best friend of his, the creepy Boogie, be included.

I also do not like Survivor in its multiple forms of  "All-Star" seasons, be it Fan Favorites, Heroes vs. Villains, Significant Others or any other version which brings back, yet again, Rupert, any of the Hantz family, Ozzie, Colby and others who were fun to watch once, maybe twice,  but never thrice.

The current version of Survivor, the one with the Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty gimmick, with the entire cast being people we've never met before, going back to old school Survivor, is being the best season of Survivor in a long long time, with the best blindsides ever.

Now, if CBS puts the Cowboys on Big Brother, well, that  I might watch....

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