Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dorothy Hamill's Doctor Orders Her Off Dancing With The Stars Saving Lisa Vanderpump

I am guessing that even though Dorothy Hamill's doctor had told her she could no longer dance due to the painful spinal cyst that dancing had exacerbated, she wanted to see if she was going to get the natural boot before auto-booting herself.

So, after Andy Dick was saved to dance another week, it was down to Lisa Vanderpump and her boytoy partner, Gleb Savchenko and a pair I don't remember, in the Bottom Two.

With a minute or two to go, Tom Bergeron directed Dorothy and partner, Tristan McManus to hurry to make their way to him, where Dorothy announced she was unable to continue.

And so, the extremely popular (with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers) Star, Lisa Vanderpump, lives to dance another week.

I suspect one of the reasons the extremely likable Lisa was in the Bottom Two was the fact that the Season Finale and Reunion Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired at the same time as Dancing with the Stars, thus cutting down on the number of Lisa fans voting for her.

Next week I suspect Lisa and Giggy's fans will be watching in full force, with Lisa Vanderpump not in the Bottom Two.

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