Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Bachelorette Romance (Did Not) Fizzle After Jef Catches Emily Cheating On Her Cell Phone

UPDATE: The US Weekly story is totally bogus. Both Emily and Jef say the US Weekly story is one hundred percent not true. 

I'm shocked.

Another Bachelor/Bachelorette pairing has gone asunder.

This makes two times for Emily Maynard. Two failed TV romances.


As you can read on the cover of US Weekly, Emily's former fiance, Jef Holm, caught her cheating.

Jef confronted Emily with the evidence, which consisted of text messages and pictures that Jef found on Emily's cell phone, in which Emily, and whoever was getting and sending the messages, told each other in explicit detail what they were going to be doing with each other.

I wonder if the "other" is Bachelor/Bachelorette host, Chris Harrison? Way back in June we learned from that reliable source, Vienna Girardi, of Jake Pavelka's ex fame, that Emily was romantically involved with Chris Harrison.

It was just a month ago, in July, that we saw Emily pick Jef, because, as Emily said then, "I feel like Jef would make the best husband and the best stepdad ever."

The Breakup Bomb went off in a vacation rental that Jef had rented so Emily could meet his family members that she'd not yet met. I assume this included his parents, who were off on some Mormon quest when Emily visited Jef's hometown.

Apparently Jef snooped on Emily's cell phone, finding the incriminating evidence, then took Emily to a bedroom where a loud commotion ensued, with Jef yelling, "You've been fracking cheating on me for months! Pack your stuff and get the frack out of here."

I substituted the words Jef actually used with fracking, stuff and frack, because this is a family friendly blog where I don't use vulgarisms, like the ever popular F-word and the common vulgarism for excrement.

Jef is only 28, two years older than Emily, who seems way older than 26.

Both Jef and Emily seemed like nice people. Emily did not seem like the sort who would be doing sexting while she's meeting her beloved's loved ones.

But, really, how well do you really know someone you've only met on a really cheesy Reality TV Show?

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