Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bravo & Top Chef Masters Needs to Learn a Lot of Viewers Don't Like James Oseland Judging

I must have recorded and watched Bravo's Top Chef Masters Season 3 because when Season 4 started up, last Wednesday, my DVR recorded it.

Curtis Stone being the new host seemed sort of familiar. I did not remember that Top Chef Masters had gotten rid of the original tournament method of finding the Top Chef Master, replacing the original method with the Top Chef method of all chefs competing in a Quickfire Challenge, followed by an elimination challenge.

I think I like Curtis Stone being the host better than the mousy woman who preceded him.

I liked having that old lady who spent a wild night with Elvis, Gail Greene, as a Judge. The Elvis girlfriend is gone. Replaced by another mousy lady I've not heard of before and a food magazine editor I've not heard of before, or seen before, named Ruth Reichi.

Ruth Reichi does not have that Gail Greene Elvis girl friend type likability.

And then there is the other Judge. James Oseland. Why does Bravo not get the memo that a lot of their viewers are put off, badly by James Oseland?

It took two seconds to find 3 good anti-James Oseland quotes on the Interwebs...

"Oh no. Last year's format means I am most likely out out out. Oseland back pretty much deals the deal."

"Oseland is an insufferable, toady twat."

"Oseland is sooo creepy, and it seems like he pushes the other judges to vote his way."

The above 3 quotes about sum up my James Oseland sentiments.

Only a couple of the celebrity chefs were known to me, one being Art Smith, who has previously been on Top Chef Masters, and who has shrunk to about half his previous size.

I also sort of remember Takashi Yagihashi and Thierry Rautureau.

Chef Lorena Garcia's claim to fame, for me, is that she is known for helping fix Taco Bell's menu with new items like the Taco Bell Cantina Bowl.

I don't know if I'll keep watching. The first episode of Season 4 was sort of annoying. The challenge of splitting in to two teams, to make the best Vegas buffet ever, and then, once the chefs bought what they needed to cook, throwing the curve that one one buffet had to be Mexican, the other Indian.

I'd rather just get to watch really good chefs cook really good food than watch really good chefs deal with really annoying twists.

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