Thursday, June 28, 2012

According To Vienna Girardi Bachelorette Emily Maynard Gives Final Rose To Chris Harrison

In the picture you are looking at a Tweeted picture of Bachelorette Emily Maynard and Bachelorette host, Chris Harrison, at a Dancing with the Stars taping.

The 'date' at Dancing with the Stars would have taken place after filming for the current edition of The Bachelorette was completed, with Emily having made her choice, or not, after having sampled her final three potential husbands in the notorious Fantasy Suites. Or not.

After their 'date' at DWTS Emily verbalized how she felt about the 'date' on Twitter.

"I had so much fun with @chrisbharrison tonight at @DancingABC!" Maynard tweeted on May 22.  

Harrison retweeted Maynard's post, adding, "Great night with my friend."

Now, that reliable news source, the STAR magazine tabloid, is reporting that Emily Maynard and Chris Harrison are "madly in love, and that it's gone on for a lot longer than most people realize."

It appears the prime source for this bit of shocking news is the extremely reliable, extremely stable Vienna Girardi, who won the equally stable, Jake Pavelka's, wife proposal in Season 14 of The Bachelor.

Vienna is quoted as saying, "From the beginning, I always said there was no way Emily was really going to end up with one of the guys because she really wanted to be with Chris, and it was obvious he wanted to be with her too. I vacationed with Chris and his family in St. Lucia and know him well. He was never with his wife. He's such a flirt. I guarantee Emily and Chris will end up together in the end. If she gets engaged to another man, the show will probably spin it as a love triangle."

I can completely understand how any man, including Chris Harrison, might get smitten with Emily Maynard. Emily is the first time I've been smitten with one of the Bachelorettes. Usually, after multi-week exposure, these ladies start to repulse me. But not Emily. She's incredibly good-looking, articulate, assertive, sweet-natured, funny, with a magnetic personality and an extremely strong urge to breed.

Now, I really do not find this romance thing between Emily and Chris Harrison to be very believable. Then again, can you have a more credible source of information than Vienna Girardi?

My guess is after this week's Sacred Hometown dates Emily will dump Creepy Chris at the Sacred Rose Ceremony, leaving Tall Sean, Greasy Arie and Tiny Jef with one 'f' to perform in the Sacred Fantasy Suites.

While Chris Harrison lingers nearby.

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