Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dallas Premiere #1 With J.R. & The Ewings on Facebook

TNT seems to be working every possible angle to make Dallas something that has never happened before. That being a TV show becoming a Big Hit, again, decades after being cancelled.

The Dallas premiere had almost 7 million viewers, making it the #1 scripted series on cable so far this year.

Judging from the positive reaction that I've been reading on various Internet forums and talking to people, I suspect the ratings for Dallas, next week, will take a big jump.

At some point during the 2 hour premiere, it was suggested to J.R. that he use email to get his questions answered. J.R. replied something like "Old fogies, like me don't do email."

J.R. may not do email, but he does do Facebook. Well, more accurately, Dallas is on Facebook. With J.R. commenting.

The TNT Dallas website is also very well done.

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