Monday, June 4, 2012

The HISTORY Channel's Hatfields & McCoys

I was not aware that the HISTORY channel was airing its first scripted miniseries starting Memorial Day, til after the fact, when the Hatfields & McCoys made news by getting the highest ratings in Cable TV history.

The final 2 hour episode aired Wednesday, May 30, with 14.29 million viewers, making it the number one TV show that night.

The HISTORY channel ran a Hatfields & McCoys marathon on Saturday. So, I recorded it.

The six hours flies by. Very good television. I suspect Emmy awards are in the Hatfields & McCoys future.

A couple decades ago all we had to watch on TV was what the networks produced, and some local productions. Now, in 2012, dozens of cable networks produce TV shows of a quality level higher, by far, than ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX produced prior to this second Golden Age of Television.

The HISTORY channel's Hatfields & McCoys tell such a bizarre tale of the famous feud that watched and wondered how close to the actual history the TV version was.

Well, read the Wikipedia article about the Hatfield & McCoy Feud and if you watch the Hatfields & McCoys on the HISTORY channel you will learn that the TV version if pretty much a documentary of what really happened.

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